Ford 5.0L/302 Cylinder Head

Reman Ford 302/5.0L Cylinder Head



Short description:

Remanufactued 5.0L/302 OE Ford Cylinder Head

Remanufactured Ford 302/5.0L Cylinder Head, 1975-1998

This is a Remanufactured Ford marine cylinder head for 5.0L/302 Ford marine engines made from 1975-1998. This is not an aftermarket head, this is a remanufactured Ford cylinder head. This head is complete with valves and springs. Head bolts and gaskets are not included but are available upon request.


  • Complete with valves and springs
  • Weight: 52 lbs.

Our Cylinder Head Reman Process:

  • Heads are first disassembled, bake cleaned, and shot blasted
  • Heads then get mangnafluxed and pressure tested to ensure that they are not cracked
  • Heads are then vacuum tested
  • We 3 angle cut all seats
  • Heads are then resurfaced on a Rottler heads fixture
  • Heads are then assembled with all new stainless steel valves and springs

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