Our Remanufacturing Process

Marine Engines have to be tougher. Marine engines are almost always under heavy load, continuously pushing against water (there are no "downhills"). These tougher operating conditions demand that marine engines be more rugged than their automotive cousins. So Marine Engines 4 Less (We, our) builds in an extra measure strength and reliability. Some day, far from shore or with a storm brewing, their tough approach will pay off for you and your crew.


Only the Best Blocks:

  • We start by selecting only the "healthiest" blocks. No cracks, no rust, no signs of abuse.
  • We completely disassembles the blocks and vigorously clean them SIX times to wash away contaminants.
  • We Carefully select crankshafts and connecting rods that are subjected to the same intensive cleaning,
  • Then we demagnetized them before precision grinding and polishing and reconditioning.


We measure cylinder bores three times:

  • As an example of our passion for perfection, after we bore, hone andplateau brush all cylinder walls, We measure them three times to ten- thousandths of an inch.
  • We know this extra dedication will pay off for you in performance and dependability.


New internal parts, marine gaskets:


  • We install vital new internal parts, including new hypereutectic (heatfighting) pistons where available. New premium piston ring sets, new engine bearings, new valves, new camshafts, new springs, new lifters, new timing components and more.


We also installs special marine head gaskets-steel, copper or copper clad, whatever the application demands:

  • We always uses brass, copper or stainless steel expansion plugs. ALL parts we install meet or exceed original manufacturers' specs. Manyparts are actually better than original equipment. We pick up running changes to eliminate problems common in the original engine.


The Final Touch

  • After our expert technicians have completed all critical machining operations.
  • Our reassembly team takes over.
  • We rewash all new and machined parts.
  • We prelubricate camshafts and pistons.
  • Then we spin tests every assembled engine on our Sim-Test machinewhile our technician logs the compression and oil pressure for future reference.


After a complete final inspection before shipping...

Your Marine Engines 4 Less remanufactured engine is fully functional and ready to go.