Below are some testimonials from customers who have purchased from us in the past. We strive for top-notch customer service and want nothing but our customers to be happy. Are you a happy customer? Please send in a testimonial to info@marineengines4less.com - We sincerely appreciate it!


"Hi Tony - Just letting you know that the engine you supplied arrived in Adelaide safe and sound yesterday and I picked it up today. The paperwork said it left Savannah on 30 April with the ship berthing in Sydney first and then Melbourne where the container that the engine was in was offloaded and railed to Adelaide.  Despite doing at least 10,000 miles the engine looks remarkably new! :) The customs and quarantine releases took a little time but thanks for your documentation as it helped get things through."

Borvin Kracman
Adelaide, Australia
June 2010
Remanufactured 4.3L Marine Engine

"Good evening Tony. We already logged just under 20 hours on the new engine. Spent a couple of weekends and the last 8 days on the boat. What a vacation. That 383 runs very strong and my family and I are very happy. Thank you for a great engine!"

Eddie James
Glenville, New York
July 2013
Remanufactured 6.2L Marine Engine

"Tim - just picked up my boat today with the new engine. The mechanic said it was one of the most professional crating job and the engine looked awesome. He said they've never gotten in a new engine that was that easy to get tuned in. He even showed his Mercruiser rep the engine and told him how impressed he was, he also questioned how I was able to beat his price and he's a dealer so I think you're going to get business from him. Can't wait to get in on the lake and thanks again for such an easy transaction."

Ray Collins
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
August 2014
New 4.3L Marine Engine

"Hey Tony. It's Bob. Took boat out today. If you were ever thinking of putting a 350 in your boat. Do it. It's like going from a 4 cylinder to a big block. This thing plains our in seconds and pulls like a train. Tried 3/4 throttle and was doing 49 mph. You have to do it. Everything bolted up but the front motor mounts moved 4 inches forward. Just relagged them."

Bob Bousquet
Bristol, Rhode Island
September 2014
Repowered 4.3L with one of our Reman 5.7L Completes